Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Second Report: Humanitarian Convoy Bety Cariño and Jyri Jakkola

Monitoring the Humanitarian Convoy Bety Cariño and Jyri Jakkola

Second Report.

The human rights convoy is about to go into the community of Agua Fria, a community belonging to the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala, and the Oaxaca State Attorney General, Maria de la Luz Candelaria Chiñas, has announced she wants to establish negotiations between the coordinator of the PRD, Alejandro Encinas Rodriguez, however the decision is not partisan.

The brigade also confirms that since yesterday the UBISORT was recruiting PRI supporters to block the entrance into Juxtlahuaca to stop the humanitarian convoy from entering. UBISORT created a paramilitary fence that does not let the 70 families living under this paramilitary siege to live in peace, until now colluding authorities have done nothing.

Given this information, the human rights convoy returns given that there are no guarantees and the statements from the state attorney general indicate that they have information that members of the UBISORT have installed blockades near San Juan Copala and that other groups affiliated with the MULTI have done the same, which in turn could “generate actions by these people that would be out of control despite the security operations by the state government”. (They recognize the power and impunity enjoyed by these groups).

In a sense the complete impunity enjoyed by these paramilitary groups in the Triqui region is confirmed, as well as that the people of the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala live in a complete state of siege, without food, services and constant harassment. And since this humanitarian caravan is for life, and the governments propose death. And because this humanitarian convoy does not want death but life, the convoy returns to Huajuapan to express, the wave of harassment they have experienced in trying to enter, a small bit compared to the harassment that permeates the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala.

Therefore we demand the dismantling of these paramilitary groups.

We demand paramilitary and military groups out of the TRIQUI region

Direct responsibility on ULISES RUIZ ORTIZ and FELIPE CALDERON.


We continue to monitor the situation.

Asamblea en Defensa de la Tierra y el Territorio del Istmo de Tehuantepec,
Brigadas Indígenas 94, CACITA, CASOTA, Coatlicue, Colectivo Revolver,
Comunidad Benito Juárez Chimalapa, Coordinadora Juvenil Libertaria, Frente
Cívico Teotiteco, Yunhiz Espacio Alternativo, Radio Ricardo Flores Magón,
Radio Totopo, Universidad de la Tierra, Familiares de Lorenzo
Sampablo, VOCAL, Autonomía Radial, RADIO PLANTON.

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